Stained Glass Windows

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• Residential/Commercial

I have been building beautiful stained glass windows for close to forty years. All of us at Michael Orchard Studio, are joyfully blessed to do meaningfully work with a medium that can inspire and give a sense of wonder over not just years, but centuries. Always with a strong artistic background, we rely on our many years of experience to create important and meaningful stained glass windows for this and future generations. We live by the craftsman code believing our best project is the next project.

For me, the collaborative nature of the work is really the most rewarding. From the initial talks with the church or homeowner to gather ideas and direction, to the close working relationship with the artists and designers... then on to the intricate glass selection, cutting, and "leading" process that goes on in our studio, and ending with the installation of the completed window. Every step is critically important.

Stained glass is a complex medium that involves careful glass selection involving color, texture, light and dark densities, as well as using different leading techniques that enhance the composition, such as creating lead textures with thick and thin lead to create a focus and added depth to the windows. We appreciate these complexities and use our experience and abilities to create works of art. We use a wide range of glass, anchoring on terrific American made glass, but also using European flashed and drawn antique glass . We frequently incorporate custom beveled glass into the windows creating a jewel like opening that has a wonderful residual effect with colorful prism reflections projected onto the sanctuary. We also enjoy creating beautiful hand painted kiln fired pieces to enhance and complete the window.

Over these many years we have worked with very inspired world class window designers and artists. I have worked with Stacey Asp, Gin Templeton, Doug Fliss, and the late David Hetland. We built David Hetland’s stained glass windows for twenty years. We miss David and believe that his striving for excellence in his stained glass works also lives through us. Stacey, Gin, and Doug all work with the mindset that a great biblically inspired story can be interpreted into beautiful stained and leaded windows for the ages. We are a very approachable group who very much encourages thoughts and ideas from the congregation.